How to earn income without a "job"? Or Living in a remote location.

There is so much going on in my life right now, so many major decisions to make that it seems impossible to even find the direction to go.  We have two young children, live off just my income and really want to get out of the rat race and live in the country.  The problem I'm running into is that for all of my 35 years it's been programmed into my head that you get a job and work till you get old.  I have no interest in that, I'm an accountant now, and most of the places we can afford to move don't have bustling job markets.  That leaves online business, farming (which I'd love to do) and maybe building stuff. 


What I'm looking for from the group is some suggestions for how to earn a living without a "job"?  I'm sure there are many of you who don't have conventional jobs and clearly there are some really creative folks amoung you. 


I think Andrew and Gabrella are probably good examples but I doubt I could jump into being a straw bale builder and teacher, but I do think they provide a sample of what can be done.  Could you guys exand on what all you do?   I know there are a few blogs, plans, dvd's and workshops.  Anyone else? 


I really want this but I have to tell you the thought of packing up my kids and moving off with no source of income is terrifying.



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See you are in Pennsylvania too.  My bf and I are just north of you about 2 hours, but we're moving to Maine next month...
We have moved around and worked at a lot of different jobs.

I know just what you mean... and I have real trouble conforming with certain aspects of the "rat race" ... it's difficult to "buck the system"  If you have a lot of bills from trying to keep a certain level of "acceptableness" with peers,  you will have a rough go of it trying to be without a steady, sure income. when you have children and responsibilities and need insurance, etc., it's very difficult to get off the hampster wheel... I grew up on a self sufficient/diversified farm in central PA.  Sadly, those days are long gone.  Land in PA suitable for any sort of farming, or even just a few acres is very expensive.

Even if you got out in the country, mostly you're going to need skills to do lots of things.. but first you actually need to know what you want to do, and to see that it can, in fact, be done.

I sent you a PM with a link to a site where you will find a lot of ideas and inspiration to get your wheels turning... :)  You could also form your own group based on your interests in self sufficiency and building community resilience in your area by throwing the word out there on  Another link in my message is for a group in another area that you can see what they have accomplished in the last few years...

You don't necessarily have to live in the middle of nowhere, or need a lot of land to build a resilient community nearby...

Good luck! :)




What you love is where your unique gifts are hidden, and what you loose yourself in doing..look at when you were 11.. what did you loose yourself in?

for me, I can spend hours in the garden, and not eat, not even notice the time! Also, I get lost behind my camera. So I offer myself for hire to help in sustainable communities, and I take photos along my travels to share, to sell, to help tell a story. I also offer myself for hire in BandBs, so the owners can take a much needed break. I love to travel, and thrive on variety. Make a list, a pie chart, of all your strengths, loves, etc.. and see what jumps out at you. is a fun search engine for jobs, and helps to think out of the box!

I have been traveling the country for 2.5 years on a shoe string budget, and number one is to cut expenses. And we certainly dont need everything the Jones thought we did!!!

Look at alternate power, so you dont have to constantly pay the electric co, for example.

Live simply. The farmer is the way to go too, even if part time! We all need to take part in growing good food, and these are lessons your kids will appreciate in time! Even if you dont make money, you can at least assure some great food will be on your table!

Also, multiple streams of income. Can you market yourself in the area, start your own accounting business? Search for jobs you can do from home.

And remember, nothing is permanent, and the job thing will all -ways bounce back. Family, relationships, all more important than the work we do!

Hope some of this helps!

Blessings on your journey! Dee

I suspect there are different types of accountants, so forgive me if this is way off the mark. Will your skills translate to bookkeeping? Could you build a list of clients (small bizs) that can't afford to have a fulltime bookkeeper and handle books and payroll on a contract basis? Possibly from home? 

I was an office manager and handled all the day to day stuff and now with QB online (which many smaller bizs are using) its possible to do quite a bit from other locations.  

Have you thought about becoming a Permaculture Educator?  For a smallish o9utlay you can get yourself on a Permaculter Design Certificate course and go from there, having an interest in things like gardening, sustainable building and simple living are all part of the permaculture ethic it shuoldn't be hard.  I'm currently working on this - moving from a military upbring and life to the absolute opposite, tree hugging hippie type, and loving it.   We are runing our first farm PDC soon and the incomefrom the course will be about $15000.  Later we plan on doing some smaller courses in pig keeping, food forestry, aquaponics and sustainable farm buildings.  Get yourself educated and go from there ;) 






How about something like this ?

I love what you are doing at Dancing Rabbit!!!

I am definitely looking for something like this, my model so far is

They are off grid, the river sources the power, nestled in the mountains in Oregon, and HOT SPRINGS!

If I get back out that way, I would love to stop by at see dancing rabbit!

thank you for sharing!


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